MagSafe Ultra Pro 5IN1 Description

  • Charger MagSafe Hybrid 5IN1: The Forefront of Wireless Charging Technology

    Introducing the iCharger MagSafe Hybrid 5IN1 – a harmonious blend of sophisticated design and unparalleled technological prowess in the wireless charging domain.

    Distinguished Features:

    • Hybrid Compatibility: Impeccably engineered for both Apple and Samsung watches and seamlessly integrated with all Qi-enabled devices.
    • Simultaneous Multi-device Charging: Efficiently caters to three devices, epitomizing centralized power management.
    • Assured Craftsmanship: Constructed with meticulous attention to detail, fortified by a generous 3-Year Warranty.
    • Technological Supremacy: Embodies the zenith of contemporary charging advancements.
    • Architectural Elegance: A modernist design that aligns flawlessly with any professional or personal environment.
    • Streamlined Connectivity: A commitment to minimalism – one sophisticated station, one sleek cable.
    • Ambient LED Illumination: A subtle, dual-intensity LED light, elevating your space's aura.

    Technical Precision:

    Optimal Power Delivery

    • Smartphones: Ranges from 5W to 15W
    • Watch (Apple/Samsung): Standardized at 3-5W
    • Audio Devices (AirPods/Buds): Consistently at 3-5W

    iC Chip Evolution: The avant-garde second-generation iC chip delivers not only more refined charging capabilities but also features an innovative battery preservation technology, ensuring device longevity.

    Uncompromised Safety Protocols: Intuitive mechanisms guard against potential hazards like overheating, overvoltage, and overcharging, along with foreign object detection.

    Elegance with Efficiency: While the iCharger MagSafe Ultra Pro 5-in-1 serves as a testament to aesthetic brilliance, its core remains robust, promising unmatched charging dexterity.