iCharger MagSafe Ultra Pro 7IN1

  • Discover Unmatched Elegance and Functionality:
    The iCharger MagSafe Ultra Pro 7IN1 redefines the art of charging. Crafted from premium materials, it sets new standards in device charging with its elegant design and superior functionality.

    Versatile LED Nightlight Feature:
    Experience the convenience of an inbuilt nightlight. With the ability to switch it on or off, this feature provides a soothing ambiance for nighttime charging, blending functionality with a touch of sophistication.

    Hybrid Compatibility for All Your Devices: Experience the versatility of our advanced charger. With MagSafe integration and universal compatibility, it effortlessly charges both Apple & Samsung watches, catering to all your device needs.

    Quadruple Charging Innovation: Revolutionize your charging routine. Charge up to four devices at once with a single, streamlined cable. Enjoy peak efficiency and a clutter-free charging environment.

    Superior Performance & Resilience: Constructed with the highest-grade materials, the iCharger guarantees not just optimal charging performance but also unmatched durability, raising the bar for industry standards.

    Next-Generation iC Chip Technology: Embrace the advantages of our second-generation iC chip. Designed for faster charging and smarter battery preservation, it ensures your devices stay powered longer and more efficiently.

    Tech Specifications:

    • Input: 35W PD/QC3.0/9V-4A/12V-2.5A
    • Input Interface: Type-C Port
    • Phone Case Thickness: ≤ 5 mm
    • Optimal Power Recommendations: To maximize charger efficiency, ensure your power source matches: 35W PD/QC3.0/9V-4A/12V-2.5A.

      Optimal Power Delivery:

      • Smartphones: Ranges from 5W to 15W
      • Watch (Apple/Samsung): Standardized at 3-5W
      • Audio Devices (AirPods/Buds): Consistently at 3-5W

    Elevate Your Charging Experience: The iCharger MagSafe Ultra Pro 7-in-1 isn't just a charger; it's an essential part of your daily tech life, combining style, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.